10 Health Apps to Help You Stick with Your Diet

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Make sticking to your diet easier with some help from the best health apps. Some will tell you what exercises to do, some will track your eating, and others do a combination of the two.

Calorie Counter with MyFitnessPal

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Calorie Counter is a free app that works with MyFitnessPal, perhaps the best-known weight-loss and fitness website. You input your food into the app, and it tracks your calories and nutritional information. The app also provides exercise programs to help turn your health journey up another notch. The extensive database makes this app easy to use.

MyTrainer Diet Fitness Workout

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This health app is completely free without any in-app purchases. Its focus is to provide great workouts, based on your BMI and goals.

iTriage Health

For those who focus on general health instead of dieting, iTriage Health is the perfect option. This app helps you find a doctor based on your symptoms. It lets you know what might be wrong, considering the symptoms you put in. Then, the app tells you what type of healthcare to look for and where to find it.

Calorie Counter Pro from MyNetDiary

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Another calorie counter health app that can be beneficial is MyNetDiary. It has its own database and supports scanning barcodes. It even has meal reminders so you won’t forget to skip meals! There are also advanced choices available for those with specific health conditions (such as diabetes), or those who would like to reduce cholesterol.


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Lifesum is essentially a free health coach app. It counts calories, analyzes your food for quality, and helps to ensure that you to drink enough water. It works well with Google Fit and Android Wear. The pro version adds other wearables, diet plans, and more detailed meal information.


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This health app tracks your food and exercise, but it will do more than just add up calories. It takes things a step further by telling you which foods are healthy and which aren’t. The premium version also supports special diets.

Google Fit

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Google Fit works with Android Wear to track steps and your fitness activity. You can analyze your statistics and use this program with an incredible list of other apps and wearables.

Pocket Yoga

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Budding yoga enthusiasts will love Pocket Yoga. There are 27 sessions (divided by level) and more than 200 poses. All poses have video and images to help with form, and you get to log your workouts.


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If you prefer running, this app is just for you! Runtastic uses your GPS to tell you how far you ran, show you a map of your route, and show workout logs.


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Live a healthier, more active life with Fitbit, the world’s leading app for tracking all-day activity, workouts, sleep and more.


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