10 Interesting Facts About NBTX


Whether you’ve lived in New Braunfels for your whole life or only a short time, there’s probably a lot that you don’t know about this incredible town in Texas. And if you really want to get the most of all the city has to offer, you need to learn about some of the most interesting facts about the area. Take a look at these 10 cool facts about NBTX. You may just learn something you didn’t know about before.

1. New Braunfels was established in the year 1845.

Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels, the Commissioner General of the Adelsverein, was the one who founded the town.

2. New Braunfels was named after a German town.

The town in Germany is called Braunfels, which means “brown rock.”

3. The first settlers had to set up camp.

They stayed at Dry Comal Creek, which you might be familiar with even today.

4. When the Germans arrived, the area had a different name.

It was called Las Fontanas.

5. The purchase price of the land was quite inexpensive by our standards.

Prince Solms bought two leagues (a league is about three miles) of land, which cost about $1,111. That’s probably a lot less than the property in the area today.

6. The first settlers had to cross the Guadalupe River.

This event happened on March 21, 1845, which fell on Good Friday that year. The area they crossed was near Faust Street Bridge.

7. New Braunfels grew quickly.

By just 1850, New Braunfels had grown to become the fourth-largest city in Texas. It was just behind the cities of San Antonio, Galveston, and Houston.

8. Gruene is an important part of New Braunfels’ history.

Gruene, which is located within the limits of New Braunfels, had a boll weevil disaster that destroyed the town’s crops. However, Gruene Hall, one of the most famous buildings in the area, was one of the only businesses that never shut down during that time.

9. Americans were invited to settle in the area.

Prince Solms’ successor was named John O. Meusebach, and he invited Americans as well as Germans to live in the town.

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10. The town’s newspaper is almost as old as the town itself.

It is called Herald-Zeitung, and it dates all the way back to 1852.

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