Up Your Health With These 2019 Food Trends

2019 Food Trends

Are you always a little late to the game when it comes to food trends? Like, that whole gluten-free thing just passed you by. Change that by learning about the most popular food trends for 2019. Then, you can get out in front of the trends and teach your friends about them.

Plant-Based Protein

Think you have to get your protein from animals? Not in 2019. Plant-based protein is all the rage this year. Expect to see people consuming pea protein, seeds, and other plant-based proteins. This trend is even making its way to pasta dishes. Legume pasta is going to make quite a splash this year. You can be quite a trendsetter in your neighborhood by inviting friends over for a pasta dish that includes noodles made from chickpeas.

New Non-Dairy Milk Options

Almond milk has been popular for quite some time, but now, there are going to me more non-dairy milk options than ever before. Have you ever had milk made of cashews or sesame seed? Now is the time to try it. Just keep in mind that some non-dairy milk options don’t have much protein, so read your labels.

High-Smoke-Point Cooking Oils

Overheating cooking oil makes the food taste burned and also releases free radicals. That’s created a need for high-smoke-point cooking oils. Since these cooking oils have a higher smoke point, they’re easier to use. Algae oil might end up being the most popular of these cooking oils. Its smoke point is 485 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about releasing free radicals with it.

More Options for Probiotics

Probiotics might not be a new thing, but they’ll be available in more foods and beverages in 2019. You’ll be able to get everything, from oatmeal to sparkling water with probiotics in it. If you have digestive issues, you’ll want to try these products.

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Low-FODMAP Food Options

Does your digestive system go a little crazy when you eat sugar alcohols or short-chain carbohydrates? Then you’ll be happy to hear that Low-FODMAP foods will be hitting the market this year. Companies are creating Low-FODMAP foods for those who have digestive problems, and these foods could be a real gamechanger.

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