American Dance Co. Presents ‘The Nutcracker’


Do you want to see the most popular holiday ballet in existence? The American Dance Co. is performing “The Nutcracker” at the Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre on Dec. 21–23, so now is your chance. Tickets start at $15, and they are selling fast. Grab your tickets, so you will get to take in this classical ballet with others in New Braunfels.

The Story of “The Nutcracker”

If you’re new to the world of “The Nutcracker,” you might not realize it’s based on an E.T.A. Hoffman story titled “The Nutcracker and the King of Mice.” The story is a bit different at the ballet, but the main plot points remain the same. In both the story and the ballet, a young girl named Clara dreams her toy nutcracker comes to life and goes into battle with the Mouse King and his army.

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The Scenes

The ballet is divided into two acts, but it has five pivotal scenes. These scenes will keep you entertained from the beginning until the end.

The first is the party scene. Clara’s family is hosting a Christmas Eve party, and the guests bring gifts. One of the gifts is a toy nutcracker, which Clara loves. After going to sleep, she gets back up to check on it and accidentally falls back to sleep by the Christmas tree.

The mouse scene is next. Clara wakes up to quite a site. The Christmas tree is enormous, and her home has been taken over by human-sized mice. Her brother’s toy soldiers also come to life, and they do battle. Clara’s nutcracker takes the lead in the battle, and soon, he is close to being defeated. Clara manages to stun the Mouse King long enough for the nutcracker to defeat him.

Then, you’ll be treated to the snow scene. During this scene, the nutcracker becomes a price, and Clara becomes a princess. The two head to the land of snow, ending the first act.

Act 2 begins with Clara and the prince arriving at the Land of Sweets. This is where the famous Sugar Plum Fairy is located. There is quite a bit of elegant dancing during this scene.

The ballet ends when Clara awakens. She wakes up under the Christmas tree, no longer a princess. Her nutcracker is in her hand, once again a normal wooden toy.

It’s easy to get drawn into “The Nutcracker.” The story is compelling, the dancing is breathtaking, and the music is magical. The ballet is not the only thing that’s breathtaking, though. A new Nissan from Nissan of New Braunfels in New Braunfels, Texas, can also take your breath away. Don’t take our word for it. Stop by, and see for yourself. You will quickly fall in love with these vehicles.