Enjoy A Night Out At Gristmill River Restaurant And Bar

Gristmill River Restaurant And Bar

You love eating just as much as the next person. And while you don’t mind eating at home most of the time, the chances are you like to get out now and then. That’s especially true if you’re going on a date or celebrating a special occasion. But when you are thinking about where to go, you might now know which restaurant to choose. However, once you see what you can get at Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar, you’ll know why this is one of your best options. This restaurant is a huge hit in the area. From the beautiful atmosphere to the amazing food, it’s pretty hard to beat the kind of experience you can have at this restaurant. Check out what to expect when you eat there.

Historic Surroundings

The first thing you’ll notice about this restaurant? Probably the surroundings. Gristmill River Restaurant and Bar is located right on the Guadalupe River, which provides a beautiful backdrop you’re sure to enjoy while you eat your meal. The actual building is in a ruin of a cotton gin that was operational in the 1800s. Plus, it’s located right underneath the Gruene’s iconic water tower, which makes it easy to find. You’re truly going to love the atmosphere and the history that comes with it.

What’s on the Menu?

Sure, it’s nice if a place looks good. But let’s be honest: You’re there for the food. Luckily, this restaurant doesn’t disappoint in this area either. Whether you want to keep it light with some fresh fish or chicken or you’d rather get something heartier and opt for a steak or a juicy burger, this place has you covered. There are plenty of appetizers and salads to choose from to get your meal off to a great start, and all the ingredients are as fresh as can be.

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The Drinks

If you’re going out to celebrate, you may want to indulge in a beverage or two. But the drinks you’ll find at this place are better than average. After all, the margaritas have fresh limes and other fresh ingredients, and the rest of the cocktail menu is just as delicious. Plus, all your favorite beers are there in addition to an extensive selection of wine.

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