Learn to Swim Like a Pro Before Summer with These Useful Tips

Happy kids swimming underwater in pool

Summer is just around the corner, which means it will be time to hit the beach and go to the pool before you know it. If you aren’t comfortable in the water, you might not embrace summer to the fullest. You can remedy the situation by following some simple tips that will help you swim like a fish in no time at all.

Get Comfortable in the Water

If you are new to swimming, it’s normal to be a little scared. You can overcome your fear by following some common-sense safety measures. Always swim with others, and start in calm water so you don’t have to fight against the waves. Also, don’t try to tackle depths you can’t easily handle. If your feet can’t touch the ground, move to shallower water.

Float Before You Swim

You have to learn to float before you learn to swim. Grab the sides of the pool and put your legs behind you. You should float easily. Once you get used to this, let go of the ledge and float without support. Then, flip over on your back and try it. You will quickly see that the water will hold you up. That will give you some confidence.

Give It a Kick

By now, you should be a pro at floating on your back. Now it time to add some kicks into the mix. A flutter kick is the perfect way to start. Point your toes and keep your legs relatively straight. Kick with your legs, alternating between the two. Do this while you are floating so you will glide across the pool.

Start to Crawl

The crawl is the easiest stroke for a beginner, and now you’re ready to give it a try. Float on your stomach and start kicking your legs. Then, reach forward with one arm and push it through the water to propel you forward. Switch arms, and then continue the process. You’re finally swimming!

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