Mister Softee San Antonio

Mister Softee San Antonio

Mister Softee San Antonio gives everyone in the San Antonio area access to amazing soft serve ice cream. This ice cream shop works out of an ice cream van, so where you can find in the city when the urge strikes will vary.


While Mister Softee San Antonio does travel around the city, you will always know where to find it thanks to the posted schedule. You can find an updated schedule on the ice cream shop’s website, Facebook page, or Twitter. The schedule always features multiple stops during the day. In most cases, the ice cream van will spend around an hour and a half at each location, but some visits can be longer, especially during peak times in popular areas. The location descriptions are always fairly detailed, and you can give them a call if you aren’t sure quite where they are. You’ll hear the distinctive jingle when you get close.

The Company

Barbara and Frank Smith own Mister Softee San Antonio. They previously lived on the East coast with their three children, and when they moved to San Antonio, they all missed Mister Softee ringing the ice cream right to their neighborhood. They decided to bring that love of soft serve to San Antonio and have been doing so for years.

The Offerings

As expected, most of the menu from Mister Softee San Antonio features soft serve ice cream. You can get a simple cone or a fancier sundae, or you can opt for a banana boat, ice cream shake, or ice cream float. Those in search of a cone can choose from vanilla or chocolate, with the option of a chocolate or cherry dip and rainbow or chocolate sprinkles. If you don’t want the cone, get it in a Dixie cup. You can even get a double-header ice cream cone if you feel adventurous or upgrade to a waffle cone.

Sundae offerings include chocolate, strawberry, chocolate nut, crushed cherry, butterscotch, and pineapple, all topped with a cherry. If you prefer an ice-cream-based drink, go with a soda float or a milkshake.

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Consider Mister Softee for an Event

Mister Softee will also gladly come to your next event. You will notice most days’ schedules have time blocked off for private events, so this is incredibly common. They are a refreshing addition for fundraisers, birthdays, weddings, festivals, and corporate events. To schedule an event, fill out the form, call them, or send an email.

Let your vehicle from Nissan of New Braunfels take you to Mister Softee for your frozen treat in New Braunfels, Texas. Just be careful so you don’t drip any ice cream on your vehicle’s interior.