Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at One of These Local Dessert Shops

dessert on a decorative napkin

When your sweet tooth kicks in, where do you go? Do you choose stale store-bought items, or do you go to a local bakery? If you’ve been getting store-bought items, you’re doing it all wrong. Instead of going stale, go fresh with one of these local dessert shops. You’ll never settle for a store-bought treat again.

2tarts Bakery

It’s hard to find anything better than 2tarts Bakery. This bakery and dessert shop has everything you could possibly want. Do you want a case cake? The shop has it. What about cake by the slice? Again, it has you covered. It also has cupcakes, cookies, pastries, and gluten-free items. It even has sweet treats for breakfast.

Sweet Dreams Bakery

Your favorite sweet treats are baked with love at Sweet Dreams Bakery. Choose from cookies, cakes, and cupcakes at this bakery. This mother-daughter business also handles wedding cakes. If you’re getting married in the near future, schedule a cake testing at the bakery.

Naegelin’s Bakery

Naegelin’s Bakery has been around since 1868, making it the oldest bakery in the state. It handles wedding, birthday, and special occasion cakes. Of course, you don’t need to have a special occasion to get a sweet treat. It also has strudels, pastries, pies, and cookies that are available every day. Head over and munch on items that will satisfy your sweet tooth.


When you’re craving something sweet, Cravings can help. It specializes in Italian cream, white, chocolate, red velvet, and carrot cakes. It also serves an assortment of pies and cupcakes and makes a divine fresh fruit tart. You will find out what nirvana is when you eat one of these sweets.

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