Make Your Own Wine In Gruene

Winery On The Gruene
You love wine just as much as the next person. But once you really start getting the taste of wine, you might wonder what a wine would taste like if you were to make it yourself. You could pick out all your favorite flavors and bottle it up to take... [read more]

Gruene Historic District

Gruene Historic District
There may be times when you just want to get away from the stress of your everyday life. After all, you work hard, and it can be nice to get out of your normal routine every now and then. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have the time and money... [read more]

Get Your Tickets To Troutfest TX

Troutfest TX
One of the best parts of living in New Braunfels is being close to so many outdoor activities. If you love to hunt or fish, this is the perfect place to live. For fans of fishing, we have a really exciting event coming up. You won’t want to miss Troutfest... [read more]

Visit The Railroad Museum

New Braunfels Railroad Museum
Do you consider yourself a train junkie? You like model trains as well as the real deal, and you can’t get enough. That means the New Braunfels Railroad Museum is perfect for you. This museum sits inside a 1907 railroad depot, and it is full of artifacts and memorabilia, along... [read more]

Enjoy A Staycation At Schlitterbahn

Let’s be honest for a second. Right after Christmas isn’t the best time to take a major vacation. Funds are a little tight this time of year, so it’s best to stay in town. You can live the vacation lifestyle while staying in New Braunfels by taking a staycation at... [read more]

Fitness Tips For 2019

Fitness Tips for 2019
Does this sound familiar? The New Year rolls around, and you make a resolution to get in shape. You hit it hard for a day or two, but then you just stop. It’s not long before you forget about your resolution altogether. It’s time to put that in the past.... [read more]

Up Your Health With These 2019 Food Trends

2019 Food Trends
Are you always a little late to the game when it comes to food trends? Like, that whole gluten-free thing just passed you by. Change that by learning about the most popular food trends for 2019. Then, you can get out in front of the trends and teach your friends... [read more]

Don’t Miss The New Braunfels Antique Show

New Braunfels Antique Show
It’s almost time for one of the best antique shows in the state of Texas. It’s the New Braunfels Antique Show and Sale, and it’ll be at the New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center on Jan. 11–13. The show will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday, 9 a.m. to... [read more]

New Year’s Eve 2018 American Aquarium

New Year’s Eve
Can you think of a better band to ring in the New Year with than American Aquarium? The band has always been fun to listen to, but it proved just how good it is with the album “Things Change.” This album solidified lead singer BJ Barham’s southern Springsteen cred, and... [read more]

The Texas Christmas Tamale

Texas Christmas Tamale
Some people like to have cookies with sprinkles during the holiday season. Others prefer a glass of eggnog while eating some chocolates. You’re a Texan, though, and you know it’s all about the Christmas tamales. This is such a part of Texas tradition that you might not know what started... [read more]