The History Of Aviation At The Pioneer Flight Museum

Pioneer Flight Museum

The Pioneer Flight Museum is a nonprofit organization that preserves, restores, and reproduces aircrafts and historical ground vehicles. The items you find there range in history from the start of aviation to the early part of World War II.

Visiting the Museum

The museum is very close to New Braunfels in nearby Kingsbury, making it very easy to find. Head to the Old Kingsbury Aerodome and you will find it. On Mondays through Saturdays, the museum is open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. On the volunteer workdays, the museum stays open until 5 p.m. The museum is typically closed on most holidays. The great thing about the museum, though, is that because the team is so passionate, people are usually there. This means that if you give them a call on a day it should be closed, they may still be willing to show you around.

The Building

The museum building will soon be a WWI artifact hangar itself. The structure is now on the museum grounds, where the team will rebuild and restore it. The concrete slab is already in place for the foundation and the structure is in place. Donations to the museum will help the team finish its new building. Once complete, the hangar will be the primary exhibit building where you can find the historical and non-flying artifacts.

The Aircraft

When you visit the museum, you will get a chance to see and learn about some well-preserved aircrafts throughout the history of flight. The focus is on aircraft from before World War II. You will notice that some of the aircrafts are undergoing restoration while others are flyable. In addition to the 10 or so aircrafts the museum owns, there are also several frequently visiting crafts.

The Vehicles

To supplement the aircraft collection, the museum also has some vehicles from the same period; these include trucks, motorcycles, and Ford Model Ts. Many, but not all, had past lives in the military.


As a nonprofit, the Pioneer Flight Museum gladly welcomes volunteers. There are regular volunteer workdays one or two times each month. You will get the chance to help give the antique vehicles and vintage airplanes the attention they need to remain in good shape. Some people will also take care of grounds and building issues. The next volunteer workdays are July 20, Aug. 17, and Sep. 7.

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Attend an Event

Twice each year, the museum also hosts Wings & Wheels Fly-In. The fall event will take place on Nov. 9. This is your chance to see many of the vehicles and aircrafts out of their hangars, with some even being driven or flown.