Push the Boundaries: The Titan Warrior Concept Truck

Nissan Titan

If you thought Nissan Titan XD’s introduction pushed the boundaries of what a pickup can do, then the Titan Warrior Concept Truck takes this to the next level. This concept takes everything you love about the Nissan Titan and throws in more aggressive looks and better off-roading, among other features.

Taking the Titan XD to the Next Level

The Titan Warrior Concept truck takes Titan XD’s aggressiveness and off-roading prowess to the next level. The off-road components are truly uncompromising. You also get the styling and aggressiveness from Nissan’s racing heritage with off-road vehicles. This truck would look right at home at Canyon Lake and make everyone else there jealous.

Interior to Handle Anything

The interior of the Titan Warrior Concept has a premium sport feel. Nissan designed every component to handle abuse when you take it off-the road. However, you might not realize it just at a glance. The high-strength fabric is carbon-colored with bold accents in Magma Orange. Across the interior surfaces, you will find carbon fiber, leather featuring contrasting stitching, and polished chrome. Even the steering wheel is unique as this custom feature is made from one block of aluminum. Overall, the interior provides enough fun and comfort for a trip to The Grapevine or enough durability for some time on the toughest trail.

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Incredible Performance

While you could comfortably use the Titan Warrior Concept to head to Clear Springs Restaurant for a meal, you are more likely to want to take advantage of its powers off road, or at least to get somewhere closer to nature, like Landa Park. The Titan Warrior Concept is a version of the Titan XD ready for “extreme adventures,” after all. It maintains the Titan XD’s fully boxed ladder frame, heavy-duty 6-speed transmission from Aisin, and Cummins Turbo Diesel V8 powertrain.

To make it stand out, the Titan Warrior Concept has its own custom off-road suspension. The front of that suspension has custom lower and upper control arms, complete with tie-rod extensions and performance ball joints. Additionally, the front suspension has racing-style shocks with their own custom reservoir mounts. The suspension’s back portion also has reservoir mounts and custom shocks plus a custom sway bar and lengthened prototype axle. The Titan Warrior Concept is ready for anything, whether you want to stay in town and run errands or go off on an adventure to a nearby state park or off-roading area.

While you cannot find the Titan Warrior Concept yet, our team at Nissan of New Braunfels can help you get behind the wheel of either the Nissan Titan or the Titan XD on a test drive around New Braunfels, Texas.