Romantic Date Spots in San Antonio

Exquisite San Antonio Botanical Gardens

Don’t bring your significant other flowers. Think outside the box and bring them to the flowers. Begin your date with a romantic walk through San Antonio’s breathtaking Botanical Gardens. Organic beauty and natural lighting make these unique and extensive gardens unforgettable. Lavish foliage and spring blossoms make exploring San Antonio’s Botanical Gardens a visceral experience for you and your special someone. Surprise your date with a charming brunch picnic and soak in the elegant and opulent surroundings while indulging in a bottle of Chardonnay! There is no better way to start the day than outdoors, surrounded by nature and the natural warmth of your sweetheart.

Romantic Riverwalk in Historic San Antonio

For midday and evenings, take a stroll along San Antonio’s Riverwalk with rustic sidewalks winding parallel to the tranquil and teeming water as it flows through San Antonio. The Riverwalk is lined with intriguing shops, decadent restaurants, and talented street artists. Take in the scenery, have your portrait taken by a local artist, or float down the river on a River Cruise with your date. San Antonio’s Riverwalk provides the perfect atmosphere for an evening escapade before a gourmet meal at the nearby restaurants like Zocca Cuisine D’Italia and Biga on the Banks.

Paramour: Late Evening or Early Morning?

If you just don’t want the night to end, head to Paramour rooftop bar. Industrial architecture and decor make this the perfect urban bar setting. Paramour offers artisan cocktails, craft beer, a friendly staff, an anomalous environment, and an incomparable view of San Antonio. If you are in the beginnings of love, Paramour is also the perfect spot for a morning date. You can choose from a selection of coffee, tea, morning cocktails, and delectable breakfast dishes. Open late and open early, Paramour offers the perfect ambiance for breakfast or a romantic night for two.


Make your next date magical at any of these romantic spots in San Antonio.