Mix up Your Afternoon with Sunday Live Music Matinée

live music in new braunfels

Take a break from your regular Sunday brunch spot and check out live music at Sunday Music Matinée. Some call Sunday the end of the weekend, but why sell yourself short? There’s no better way to ease back into the week than with great music, eats, and drinks.

Sunday Music Matinée Feat. All Mixed Up

Sunday, July 9 at 3 p.m., The Phoenix Saloon will feature cover-group All Mixed Up. You’re virtually guaranteed to find something that you like. The group is led by New Braunfels Middle School Band Director Melissa Townsend, so they know the local favorites. The group plays classic rock, country, pop, big band, and swing. The variety of genres coincides well with the group’s name, so it’s only natural that they offer plenty to choose from. The best part about this live music event – it’s free of charge. There’s no cover, so come take advantage of Bloody Mary specials and great food.

The Phoenix Saloon

If you’re looking for a place with history, The Phoenix Saloon is it. The bar first opened in 1871 and gained fame for being the first bar in the state to serve women. While laughable today, it was a big step for equality in that day and age. The saloon even catered to the discretionary nature of the time, featuring a bell hidden in a tree that one would ring for beer garden service. After all, it would tarnish a lady’s reputation to enter the bar. It was a wild place, to say the least. The saloon offered an alligator pit, badger fights, and even a parrot that was trained to say “Have you paid your bill?” – in German.

Even prohibition couldn’t completely stop the saloon. In 1918, the watering hole was forced to shut its doors, but that didn’t stop it from popping up an illicit brewery in its basement. The owners had tunnels cut underneath to run the ‘shine out under the streets of downtown. The building got a facelift in 1922, and from then until the 1990s the saloon remained relatively unchanged. At one point, it was reconfigured as a department store, still adhering to its non-discriminatory nature by providing a refrigerated water fountain that was always nonracial and unsegregated. The Phoenix Saloon that we know today is the product of two years of renovations, completed in March 2010. It remains a favorite Texas historic bar, chili parlor, and live music venue.

Nissan of New Braunfels

While you’re trying new things this weekend, check out the all-new Nissan of New Braunfels. Just seeing the state-of-the-art facility is reason enough to visit. But we have a feeling you’ll want to go home with more than just memories once you see our awesome selection of new and pre-owned vehicles. Stop by today!