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Learn More About The New Braunfels Conservation Society

New Braunfels Conservation Society
Do you ever wonder what life was like long ago for the people who lived in the New Braunfels area? It was probably a lot different in many respects, but you may be surprised at what hasn’t changed much over time. It’s important to learn about the past, so we... [read more]

Enjoy A Night Out At Gristmill River Restaurant And Bar

Gristmill River Restaurant And Bar
You love eating just as much as the next person. And while you don’t mind eating at home most of the time, the chances are you like to get out now and then. That’s especially true if you’re going on a date or celebrating a special occasion. But when you... [read more]

5 Things To Do During The Summer

New Braunfels
Nobody wants to get into a summer slump. That’s especially true when you live in the New Braunfels area. After all, there’s so much to do. There is no need for you to be bored when summer rolls around. However, if you haven’t yet made any plans, you’ll want to... [read more]

Hill Country Craft Beer Trail

Hill Country Craft Brew Trail
You love craft beer, but do you even know about where it comes from? If you want to learn more about local craft breweries in the area, you could go visit them one by one… or you could take a tour on the Hill Country Craft Beer Trail. This trail... [read more]

Visit The Guadalupe Brewing Company

Guadalupe Brewing Company
It’s always easy to pick up a six-pack when you’re shopping for groceries. And you may just take the most convenient thing on the shelf. But is that always a good idea? More often than not, you’ll be able to find a better beer if you visit a local brewery.... [read more]

Make Your Own Wine In Gruene

Winery On The Gruene
You love wine just as much as the next person. But once you really start getting the taste of wine, you might wonder what a wine would taste like if you were to make it yourself. You could pick out all your favorite flavors and bottle it up to take... [read more]

Up Your Health With These 2019 Food Trends

2019 Food Trends
Are you always a little late to the game when it comes to food trends? Like, that whole gluten-free thing just passed you by. Change that by learning about the most popular food trends for 2019. Then, you can get out in front of the trends and teach your friends... [read more]

The Texas Christmas Tamale

Texas Christmas Tamale
Some people like to have cookies with sprinkles during the holiday season. Others prefer a glass of eggnog while eating some chocolates. You’re a Texan, though, and you know it’s all about the Christmas tamales. This is such a part of Texas tradition that you might not know what started... [read more]

Wurstfest Is Almost Here!

Ten days of food, beer, music, games, and carnival rides? It must be Wurstfest! Wurstfest will be on Nov. 2–11 at 120 Landa St. in New Braunfels. The organizers offer free admittance during certain days and times, including from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the first Friday. General admission tickets... [read more]

Enjoy A Glass With Friends At The Grapevine

Delicious Texas wines. Gorgeous scenery. A cozy atmosphere. That’s just a sample of what you’ll get when you visit The Grapevine. Located in the Gruene Historic District, this tasting room and bar is a favorite of both the locals and tourists from all over. If you haven’t been there, put... [read more]