The Texas Christmas Tamale

Texas Christmas Tamale

Some people like to have cookies with sprinkles during the holiday season. Others prefer a glass of eggnog while eating some chocolates. You’re a Texan, though, and you know it’s all about the Christmas tamales. This is such a part of Texas tradition that you might not know what started it or how to make them. Get the scoop on this holiday tradition and then consider holding a tamale-making party of your own.

Why Tamales for Christmas?

Tamales are incredibly popular in Texas Hill Country. Many of the tamales you find here either have a Mexican influence or are made by Mexican-Americans.

In Mexico, it’s normal to serve tamales during special occasions and celebrations. Christmas is the biggest of the celebrations, with families and friends gathering together to make tamales. This allows groups to make lots of tamales without putting in tons of work.

This tradition has stayed alive in Texas. Families and friends gather together for the holidays to make the tamales to serve for meals and serve to others.

Tips for Making Tamale

It’s no secret that making tamales is a labor-intensive process. You have to put in a lot of work to get the results, but when you bite into that homemade tamale, you’ll realize it was worth it.

Because it’s such hard work, some people think they should just make a few. However, reducing the size of the batch won’t really reduce the work. Make a big batch and freeze some if you have too many.

You will need masa dough, filling (beef, chicken, or pork), and corn husks for the tamales. When it comes to the masa dough, you have a few options. You can make it from scratch by using your family’s recipe, or you can buy a bag of masa harina with instructions on the bag. The easiest way is to purchase prepared dough. Then, it will be ready to go.

You also need to prepare your corn husks. Have you noticed it can be hard to wrap the husks around the fillings? That’s because the husks aren’t soft enough. Soak them in water, so they’ll be easy to wrap.

Now your ingredients are ready, so what’s next? Put a little bit of dough on a corn husk. Then, place the filling on top of it and roll the husk. Seal the husk by folding the end of it. Once all your tamales are rolled, put them in a steamer. Make sure the open side is up and cook them for an hour or so until they are done.

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Another Texan Tradition

Christmas tamales aren’t the only tradition in Texas. Texans also traditionally make wise decisions when buying vehicles. They want something that’s reliable and fun to drive, and that’s why so many people shop at Nissan of New Braunfels in New Braunfels, Texas. Once you get your new wheels, you’ll be ready to go to the grocery store and load up on ingredients for your tamales.