Texas Turkey Day Traditions


Every family’s Thanksgiving Day menu looks a little different. Generations of personal preferences, cultural influences, and creative tweaks work together to produce a memorable meal that’s as unique as the family who gathers to enjoy it. Certain dishes are mainstays, and woe to anyone brave or daring enough to mess with tradition. Of course, Texas has always done things its own way, and that just as true on Thanksgiving as it is every other day of the year. Here are some favorite Texas dishes you might find adorning a proud Texan’s Turkey Day table.


Unwrap these steamed corn husks to find a rich and flavorful filling of pork, chicken, or beef and masa. Tamales are a staple for celebratory meals in Texas by way of Mexico, and there are variations to suit any taste. Beyond the usual fillings, you can find tamales featuring cheese, chiles, vegetables, and even sweet raisin fillings.

Pecan Pie

It’s only fitting that the Texas state nut would feature prominently in a classic dessert that deserves a place of honor at Thanksgiving. Pecan pie combines the crunchy sweetness of nuts, a sticky-sweet filling, and a flaky crust for the perfect holiday treat. One bite and you’ll understand why this is a always top contender during this season of pies – especially in Texas.

Fried Turkey

People who claim they don’t like turkey have likely never tried fried turkey. This favorite Texas preparation results in a bird that truly deserves all of the glory, with juicy meat and perfectly crispy skin that will have everyone going back for seconds. Many recipes call for injecting some combination of Cajun spices, butter, and broth into the bird before deep frying.

Bacon Green Beans

There’s a culinary truth that few people besides vegetarians can argue with: Everything’s better with bacon. Green beans are great on their own, and what better way to make them Thanksgiving-ready than by adding lots of bacony goodness? After all, this is the menu where calories don’t count, butter is king, and flavor is all that matters. So embrace the love of meat like a good Texan and eat your veggies!

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