The San Antonio Tricentennial

Tricentennial Commemorative Week

You love San Antonio. You live here, work here, and maybe even went to school here. And now, you get to celebrate the city’s 300th anniversary. That’s right – San Antonio is now 300 years old. Get together with your closest friends and community members to commemorate the San Antonio Tricentennial. It’s a great opportunity for you to explore all the city has to offer and get in touch with the culture of the area you know and love best. Here’s what you can expect from the event.

Commemorative Week Details

On May 1–6, San Antonio will celebrate Commemorative Week. The first day will be a day of reflection, when the current inhabitants can take a look back at the native people that originally lived in the area. The second day will be all about history, and the public schools will work with students to tell them about the area’s past. Founders day is the third day, and it will celebrate the higher institutions in San Antonio. The fourth day is all about art, the fifth day is a celebration of San Pedro Creek, and the sixth day honors the military. You can find ways to participate in all of these events.

Other Events

Commemorative Week doesn’t sum up all of the fun activities happening around town. There’s so much more that’s going to be going on. Take part in the CHR Block Party on April 6–8, or attend the San Antonio Book Festival. There’s a ton to participate in, so check out the event calendar so you can pick and choose what looks like the most fun to you.

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Find Other Ways to Celebrate

Of course, there is a ton of ways to celebrate the San Antonio Tricentennial. All it takes is getting out and getting active in your community. Whether you support local businesses, volunteer somewhere, or simply go to a public space in the city limits, you’ll be participating in 300 years of San Antonio’s rich cultural history. Be grateful that you live in such an amazing place, and soak it up every chance you get.

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