Wurstfest in New Braunfels

Wurstfest New Braunfels

Ten days and more sausage than you can eat. That’s a good way to sum up Wurstfest, the biggest sausage festival around. New Braunfels is hosting this unique sausage festival Nov. 3–12. It will have sausage, other food, dancing, carnival rides, and games, plus lots of beer. If you love sausage, beer, and family fun, this event is for you. It’s going to be epic, so mark it on your calendar today.

Here are some things you need to know about the festival.

It’s Huge

This isn’t just a festival for the people of New Braunfels. People come from all over to attend, so you can expect there to be some crowds. Don’t worry, though. When it comes to a German festival, the more really is the merrier. Just be ready to stand in some lines, so wear comfortable shoes. Also, get there a little early if you want to get a jump on everyone else. The good news is that it takes place over the span of ten days. That means everyone doesn’t have to come at once, so you can miss crowds here and there. However, if you go on opening day, expect there to be a ton of people.

Don’t Miss the Beer Tasting

Wurstfest has Texas and German beers available, and you can try some of them at one of the tastings. Explore a little bit when you’re here. Don’t just stick with your favorite brew and chug it down. Enjoy some beer tastings, and find out if you have a new favorite beer out there in the universe. It’s time to look beyond Bud Light and see what the world has to offer.

Hit Up the Samples

If you do some looking around, you will come across some samples at Wurstfest. This is a good way to try the different foods that you normally wouldn’t try. Some of them have funny names, but they are really good. After you try a sample or two, you’ll probably be ready to buy. Don’t feel bad if you spend a lot of money on food. Many of the vendors donate some of their profits to charity, so you’ll be eating for a good cause. You can tell that to your doctor after you have to explain your Wurstfest weight gain.

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